Saturday, August 4, 2012

Autographed Swim Caps Traded for Event Tickets

I got the whole story of how my children got the tickets to the swimming finals on Friday. They didn't win a raffle for the tickets at the Visa lounge, they won two swim caps signed by Michael Phelps. Not really what they wanted to win. They wanted tickets to an olympic event. The person that won the tickets didn't want their prize. They were/are related to an olympic swimmer and already had tickets to the swimming finals. I am not sure who approached whom but the autographed swim caps were traded for the two tickets. That is how they got to attend the historic swimming final events on Friday.

So, here are the youngest two holding the stars and strips at the top of the aquatic center before the events.

Here are photographs of each individually holding the national symbol. I think this is for each FB page. 

It's a good thing that flag isn't much wider than 5'3"(1.6m).

I don't think either of them will ever forget the events on that evening.

Not Missy Franklin's gold medal swim

nor Michael Phelps' historic 17th individual Olympic Gold Medal.

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