Wednesday, August 15, 2012

London 2012 Games Recapped

The London 2012 Olympic Games are over. The Visa Vip Lounge is closed. The children will soon be home. A recap is in order.

The trip started with a automobile ride to Newark, NJ airport. There was a savings of about $200 over leaving from Philadelphia, PA on BA. Upon reflection, my son didn't think the savings was worth the effort.

Tickets to the last individual event for Michael Phelps which were won in a raffle at the lounge by family who had tickets but wanted the Michael Phelps autographed swim caps that my children won at raffle. A trade was negotiated.
The Visa VIP Lounge was a terrific resource for tickets to events at the games,

Nadia Comaneci and Bart Connor
meeting past Olympic medal winners
and dinners by Iron Chef Morimoto.
Team USA Men's Volleyball

They did actually purchase some event tickets.
Women's Football match Team GB vs. Brazil

Women's Football Final Match USA vs Japan
They made friends with
South Africans
Japanese and Americans in Zentais

Other sparkly Americans

and Wenlocks

Because my eldest tried out as a dancer for the opening ceremonies, and will be performing at the opening ceremonies of the Paralympics, they attended a practice session of the opening Olympic ceremonies on July 25th.

They ate at the largest McDonald's restaurant in the world, if only a temporary structure.

They tried to keep dry

and warm
and one of them was awakened at the end of the bus line, in Chingford, several times in the wee hours the morning.

They did a bit of tourist sightseeing. 
Victoria and Albert Museum
Hampton Court Palace

Westminster and London Eye

Went to the theatre

and saw a few musicals.

They also visited the Globe Theatre to see Henry V.

They leave for Heathrow airport on Wednesday. My son is hoping to get bumped off his scheduled BA flight to Newark. If bumped he will opt for a cash payment of around $700. Not a bad gig, if you are flexible with time. $700 isn't a bad day's pay.

I am sure there will be many lasting memories of this trip to London for the 2012 Olympic Games. I hear they are already making plans for Rio.

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