Friday, August 3, 2012

Children Win Men's Swimming Finals Tickets

Received a FaceTime call this morning at 08:30 from my son. He was calling from the Visa Lounge in London.

He and his youngest sister are going to the Men's Swimming Finals tonight. Michael Phelps' last individual event of his career in the men's 100m butterfly.

I didn't get the details because he was talking at a low volume and there was quite a bit of background noise. It sounded like my son-in-law won the tickets and he and my youngest daughter were wearing swimming caps ... I'll get the details when they arrive home in two weeks.

On FB, after reading posts between my married daughter, who lives in London, and my son, I figure the following. She entered her husband's name in a raffle for the tickets at the Visa lounge. His name was pulled. He won the tickets. Since there are four of them in London they paired off, Londoners and Troopers (that is our town here in the USA), and flipped a coin. The Troopers won the toss. The two visiting Americans are going to the finals. I sensed a bit of tension between my London daughter and my son in their FB posts.

I guess two will be inside and two outside enjoying the games.

It is nice to electronically see siblings getting along so far from home. 

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