Friday, August 24, 2012

Growing Happens

I've been busy indoors tiling my shower. At the same time the garden continues to grow. It just happens.

Early Girl Tomato
Super Sweet Tomato
The fruit are ripening at an increasing rate. 

Black Krim, Husky Cherry, Chocolate Cherry, Super Sweet and Early Girl Tomaotes, Bush Green Bean and a Cucumber
This was the harvest on 22 August 2012

Black Krim, Super Sweet, Husky Cherry, orange tomato and cucumber for the fruit. 'Alabama Scarlet' Honeysuckle, New England Aster, hibiscus and Thai Basil for the blooms.
I thought you should see the fruit cut into cross sections. Plus I added some garden blooms of the 22nd. The orange tomato was harvested the day before and is a mystery. I purchased started plants and in one pot were two started plants. I expected Mr. Stripey. I am not sure what I have.

German Johnson
There are still more to harvest. If the weather stays warm at night.

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