Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Water Tower = Bar in Oaks

Late last year I noticed an advertisement on my Facebook page for a new bar in the Market Place at Oaks complex. There aren't many bars in Oaks or within a four mile radius of the complex. So I was eager to check out this new opportunity.

The Water Tower is located next to Arnold's Family Fun Center.

 You are able to walk indoors from one to the other. 

Upon entering the bar, through the doors seen in the above photograph, I seemed to be in a vestibule to a bowling alley. The vestibule ran along the front of the building. I turned to the right and walked to the far end where I found two pool tables and some kind of four player air hockey table. 

There was an arch at that far end that led to several bowling alleys, illuminated by ultraviolet light (black light) and rotating disco-like color lights. Atop the pins were large screens upon which were projected 80's music videos. I think the disco lights and the projected moving images would be distracting. To me, anyway. I am old, you know.



I turned left and passed what was an area that separated the black light lit alleys from normally lit alleys. That area was a stage and dance floor where there was a seemingly successful New Year's Eve Party with The Sofa Kings band.

Just a few steps farther were the second set of alleys. There were still the large screens with projected music videos but the lighting was much closer to normal.

Most of the new decor is geared towards black light and doesn't show any signs of wear.

I tore my mesmerized eyes away from the bowling action turning to my left. Finally, there was the Water Tower. Lit with moose themed ceiling lights and black lights under the liquor bottles and splashing down under the bar on corrugated sheet metal. It was a square shaped bar with five stools on each of three sides. Not what you would call a huge bar. It wasn't the kind of bar with dark low ceilings that are comforting. It was more like a bar in the basement of Knights of Columbus I know in Roxborough - hard, noisy and without much thought to decorating. I take that back. There were the moose ceiling lights and the corrugated sheet metal under the bar.

Did I mention the red bicycle hanging over the bar?

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