Sunday, January 20, 2013

Progress Marches On in Oaks, PA

Progress at the two building sites in Oaks, PA is marching along.

The Chicago Grill site has a level pad and a berm near the cemetery wall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. 

There is pipe on site that will undoubtably be buried as part of the infrastructure.

Concrete sewer castings are waiting to be placed.

The larger site across Black Rock Road also has signs of progress.

The Oaks Gardens building has been ravaged.

 A broken shell.

The lot has been defoliated, partially graded and rolled. It looks large. Much larger than before the work began. 

To defoliate, whole trees were eaten in one shot by an enormous piece of equipment.

There are graders, rollers, excavators, back hoes, dozers and other heavy construction behemoths on site waiting for their shot at progress.

The train tracks that ran along the western edge of the site were ripped out along with the trees on that grew alongside. 

Houses are now clearly visible along that edge of the site. I am guessing that the owners of those houses have a new clear view of the site, also.

Progress marches on.

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