Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oaks Gardens Gone - The Face of Oaks Is Changing

Oaks Gardens, the garden market at the intersection of Egypt and Mill Roads, has closed their doors forever. As of the first day of January 2013 their lease expired. 

On Wednesday 2 January 2013 the final remaining items were being gleaned by the owners. 
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Everything being moved to thier new location at +Limerick Gift and Garden, in Limerick, PA.

The buildings that once cast shade upon the tuberous begonias and impatiens stood bare, mere structures without flesh, without a heartbeat.

A few pieces of pottery were still to be collected for the move.

Not far away slept freezing behemoth brooms soon to sweep the floor clean. A new year and a new beginning for this old patch of earth.

It is rumored in the spring, from this earth will sprout a crop of commercial properties that will include a bank, +Wawa, +Wendy's, +Buffalo Hot Wings, a drug store and several other stores yet to find lessees.

The complex will extend to Black Rock Road where there is already construction in progress on a +Chicago Grill and possibly a Chili's.

Speaking of eateries, there is a already a new bar at +Arnold's Family Fun Center, called +The Water Tower. I expect to wander over there real soon. +Cheeburger, Cheeburger is opening later this month in the once Dolce Restaurant location behind Max and Erma's famous for their own hamburgers. There is also a rumor of a Golden Corral to open within walking distance of the +Expo Center.

I guess all the food groups will be covered soon - hamburgers, beer, pizza, beer, cheeseburgers, wings, beer, sushi, hot dogs, hot peppers, beer, soft serve, liquor and chocolate fountain.

Even with all the eatery choices I still see room for an Asian buffet, Indian tandoori, Korean bar-b-que, Irish pub, Brazilian grill, Medieval feast and tournament, Roman food orgy and an all night steak sandwich window service.

The face of Oaks, PA is ever changing. I can only wait and hope.

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