Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oaks Shopping Center 30 January 2013

I stopped by the construction site on Egypt and Mill Rds today to check on the progress.  

That pile of wood was the Oaks Gardens building that was still standing on New Years Day 2013.

There was work being done on the infrastructure. Today it was the sewer and or storm drains.

One worker was remotely operating a small articulated roller. Packing down soil that had been returned to the trench above some pipe that was buried earlier. Using the remote is like using a game controller with two joysticks.

When I was still working in the outdoor advertising industry, I used such a remote to operate a 130' extendable truck mounted crane. After operating the crane from the bed of the truck for over twenty years, it took some practice to operate from the business end of the load line.

Back to the construction site. Earth was moving from place to place.

Digging was being done by both a large excavator and a small shovel.

Other parts of the site has been scraped of vegetation. 

There is a huge change in the site from the end of 2012. Taking the project as a whole however, there is a great deal to be done before the expected opening of the Oaks Shopping Center in the fall of 2013.

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