Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ageism Keeping Up with Technology

Technology advances rather quickly and those that can't or won't keep up, will loose out.  Today employers require employees to have, at least, a basic knowledge of computer use.  Even a fast food joint uses computer cash registers.  As evidenced by the below ad, pulled from Craigslist, at least one employer requires entry level employees to have advanced technical skills, and then, at entry level pay.

Major jewelry store located on Philadelphia ...
Looking for a trustworthy, meticulous & hard working individual - preferably has some knowledge of data entry & jewelry, for entry level position.

- Skilled at product photography (i.e. jewelry)
- Must know how to professionally edit jewelry in Photoshop to make "Web Ready".
- Experience at created Excel spreadsheets (for inventory)

- Maintain log book of all jewelry repairs
- Data entry: Inventory, Billing & Customer info 
- Seeking full-time and long-term employee
- Mon-Fri, 9:15-5:45
- Must be very organized
- Background check required

Please indicate if you are familiar with any of the following:
- Web design / html
- Social Networking: Facebook & Twitter
- How to setup/maintain Google Adwords
- Experience with SEO work for website
- Graphic design skills
- Digital photography for jewelry photos


  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Compensation: $400/wk

  Now it seems that older folks who are less enthusiastic about learning to use new technology will be left behind or kicked to the gutter.  A recent survey amongst graphic designers stated "... 80 percent of the respondents believe ageism exists in graphic design firms and that older workers are being pushed out of the business. An astonishing 30 percent of designers believe ageism becomes a factor starting at age 45.  Not keeping up with technology and contemporary culture were cited as the two greatest contributing factors. 

 I don't think these older workers will organize another Luddite uprising.  I do think that if you want to stay employed, you should keep up with technology or stay home and figure out how to program the cable remote.

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