Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Circe Invidiosa II

Time is drawing near to the photo session date of Sunday Sept 4.  I have most of the props except a drape/chiton and green liquid for the poison.  I was searching for green food coloring in sufficient quantity to color a few gallons of water.  One restaurant supply house has red and black food coloring by the gallon but I want green.  Supermarkets have the usual home cooking four packs of red, yellow, blue and green each in .25 oz containers.  There is not enough green there for my needs.  If I had thought of it earlier, I could have gotten a large quantity of green food coloring at Amazon.com.  (You know I am old, don't you?)  As of this very moment, I have narrowed my search for Gatorade G2 Rain Lime.  Rain Lime seems to have the correct color I am seeking.  All I need now is to find enough Gatorade G2 Rain Lime in a store or more than one store.  As for the drape, I will visit a fabric store and see what I can find that will work.  I found this silky blue print on Joann's site.  I need to see and feel the fabric before I purchase.


JW Waterhouse - Circe Invidiosa

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