Thursday, August 25, 2011

Imminent Hurricane Irene

The East Coast is preparing for the arrival of a hurricane, hurricane Irene.  Click here to see Irene's current status.  This morning I traveled to my mother's house in South Philly to help my brother clean the downspout opening on her flat roof.  (Leaves and seeds from the tree next door clog the opening and then leaks appear.)  I usually listen to NPR in the car and BBC is on from 09:00 - 10:00.  You know world news.  At 10:00 I had no idea Irene was headed as close to Philadelphia as it is now forecasted.  It wasn't until the evening news on TV that my wife made me aware of the panic from NC to Boston.  I should watch more TV.

Winter storms have a rule of thumb for supplies- for each 1" of snow forecast, you must purchase one gallon of milk and one loaf of bread.  I am not sure what is the hurricane supplies rule of thumb.  Could it be one gallon of water per person per day plus an electric generator for loss of electricity, plus a chain saw to cut the fallen trees, plus 10 pounds of ice to keep your refrigerated food cold longer plus batteries for your flashlights and radio, plus gasoline for your car, plus mops, buckets and sponges?  I should watch more TV news, I am sure they will tell me my needs.

Talk is of a cat 2 maybe cat 3 to hit us here in the Delaware Valley.  I will prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  What more can I do?  Stay thirsty my friends.

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