Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Square Foot Garden-Tempus Fugit

I have only been harvesting since the beginning of August and now the growing season is almost over.  Tempus fugit!  All year long I cringe when I see tomatoes in the supermarket or on the produce stand, pink, hard, tasteless replicas of tomatoes.  I hate to purchase them.  There is nothing that compares to a homegrown vine ripened tomato.  Sometimes I take a salt shaker when I pick.  Not as many tomatoes see the inside of my kitchen when I do that.  I can't control myself when the tomatoes are ripe.  Soft ready to explode with flavor, seeds dripping down my chin.  (Somehow people can always tell when I have been eating tomatoes.  It might be the telltale dried tomato seed on my shirt.)  Don't get me wrong, many a tomato does get to the kitchen.  I believe a sliced tomato is just a beauty to behold.
Freshly Sliced Tomatoes
Mr Stripey (lower) Delicious and three sprigs of Oregano

My square foot garden was hit by hurricane Irene.  The night before, I picked all the ripe tomatoes from the vines.  Most of the green tomatoes survived the storm.  Some of the vines are turning yellow and the leaf mass has diminished.  The last two nights had temperatures in the 60s.  Probably won't be many ripening days left to this growing season.  I may only harvest green tomatoes for the remainder of the season.  Those can be eaten fried or pickled but they cannot be compared to red vine ripened tomatoes.

Damn!  I will miss my ripe homegrown tomatoes already.

Post hurricane Irene garden
Below are the seeds that were used for the plants in my square foot garden 2011

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