Sunday, January 8, 2012

MacGyver Gadget Dud in Grimsby

My MacGyver gadget didn't work the way I planned.  The flash diffuser made from a 3x5 card just didn't make the grade.

If you remember, I left my flash equipment, Sunpak 611, Quantum Battery + and the LumiQuest Softbox III, behind .  It was still in London (two hours away by car), in my daughter's apartment, on top of the wardrobe in the bedroom we were using.  So I improvised a diffuser for my on-camera's pop-up flash.


The four images above were exposed using the 3x5 card.  If you look closely at the two images on the right, you will see the shadows have low contrast.  However, the images captured with the 3x5 card were underexposed by at least two stops.  The two on the left are directly out of the camera; no post-production work.  The two on the right had changes made in post-production.  

As the evening wore on, I discarded the homemade diffuser and used the pop-up flash without modification.  Once I discarded the 3x5 card the images were better exposed.  As expected they had dark shadows rimming the figures, as seen in these images.  I not sure if MacGyver's gadgets worked at 100% efficiency, mine didn't. 

I always say, "If you never make any mistakes, you are not taking any chances."

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