Friday, January 6, 2012

English Wedding Reception- Grimsby

We arrived at the golf club after a short ride from Louth.  The reception was on the second floor of the clubhouse overlooking the course.  There was a lovely view from the deck.

The room was a good size.  There were round tables from one end to the other.  Enough open area was left for a small dance floor and standing at the bar.
The disc jockey set up his equipment at the far end of the room.
He had cases and cases of CDs.  Duct tape was the language he spoke.
Blinking lights was the story he told.  
Bulbs the size of those on the beach in Cleethorpes.  
Power Play was his name.

Not that I am saying the DJ was behind the times but at least twice I looked over and thought he was calling the '80s.  Then I realized he was using a phone receiver to sync the CDs.  Seems he didn't have headphones.

My daughter decorated with pumpkins, to tie in the late October date.  She used the pumpkin carving kit I brought over and some black lace stockings into which she stuffed other pumpkins.  She did a nice job.

If you wanted an alcoholic beverage, there was a cash bar.  There was an open bar at the wedding in the US.  The young Brits at that wedding didn't know what to drink first.  They were like kids turned loose in a candy shop and someone shouted, "Free candy!"
Even though there was a cash bar in Grimsby, my son didn't seem to have any problem getting himself a drink.
My wife had a difficult time with her new pink cast.  Don't get me wrong, the color didn't have anything to do with the discomfort.  It was the cast and the pain of the broken bone that were to blame.  The reception was on the second floor of the club house.  The stairs to the reception room had one of those elevator chairs bolted to the wall.  This was much appreciated, as my wife had yet to master the stairs with crutches.
We met family and friends unable to attend the US wedding in May.  We were glad we were able to make the trip to the UK to be a part of this joyous celebration.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I know we did.

The English reception was booked for seven hours.  We were exhausted once back at the guest house.  It was one of those good feeling exhaustions, though.  The kind of exhaustion that takes a load off your shoulders.  Then I realized I had one less child to carry.  She now had a husband with broad shoulders.

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