Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Engagement Photography Session in Louth

By late afternoon on Saturday everything was ready for the wedding reception in Grimsby.  The center pieces were made, jack-o-lanterns cut, room decorated, hair and make-up complete.  Our family, all three of us, and the wedding couple were dressed and ready to go.  The wedding couple and I set out for Louth for a engagement photography session. 

My daughter and her husband hired a professional wedding photographer to capture their wedding in the US.  Because of scheduling constraints, they didn't have the photographer photograph an engagement session.  The three of us left the house and were on our way to Louth for just such a session.  My son-in-law attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth and thought it would be a great setting for the session.   It is one of the oldest schools in England.

For October, the weather was delightful.  Warm and dry with a touch of overcast in the sky.  Once we were finished here we were on our way to the reception.



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