Monday, January 2, 2012

Charging My Photography Equipment for Grimsby

I ended my walk along the Cleethorpes beach and returned to the guesthouse.  Once in the room I began to prepare my photography equipment for Saturday and the English wedding reception.

I plugged in the charger for the Nikon battery.  The only other equipment that needed charging was the Quantum Battery+1.  There was one problem.  I couldn't find the gym bag with the Sunpak 611 and Quantum Battery +1.  I tore the room apart.  I checked every square inch, twice.  The bag I place out of the way, atop the wardrobe in our bedroom in my daughter's apartment, was still out of the way atop the wardrobe in my daughter's apartment in London, three hours away by car.  So much for check lists.

Learn Photography With Tom Grill

I went into MacGyver mode.  What to do about the harsh light produced by my only remaining flash, the on-camera pop-up?  A flash went off in my brain.  I remembered reading an online blog by Tom Grill about light modifiers for pop-up flashes.  I took the idea of the modifier, in the third image above, and used a 3 x 5 card to replicate the it.  I cut a small diamond shaped hole in the card to allow for some specular highlights.  I wasn't happy with myself but I thought my contraption might work well enough.  My only worry was that the pop-up flash might drain the camera battery quickly, diminishing the number of possible exposures.  I would find out soon enough.

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