Monday, January 16, 2012

Train to London - Breakfast

I had a lovely night's sleep in Grimsby.  I packed my CPAP, my overnight bag and my camera, showered and went downstairs.  I accepted some toast, jam and tea from my gracious son's-in-law mother.  We then made our way to Grimsby Town station.

I had hoped I would find time to photograph Steel's Corner House Restaurant for this blog.  It didn't work out that way.  The train arrived soon after we did and I was on my way to Doncaster.

I changed trains at Doncaster making sure I sat in the dinning car.  This car had only a service bar with an attendant.  I sat at the closest table in order to get some photographs.  I was sitting on the western side of the car.  The light pouring through the window was indirect and soft.  I went to the food service bar and looked over the offerings.  All the food was cellophane wrapped.  Some items were displayed on a wire rack on my side of the counter.  I asked for coffee, an egg sandwich and I picked a piece of fruit cake from the wire rack.  I paid for everything and waited for the sandwich to be warmed.

I brought the food to my table and started to eat the sandwich.  Although the attendant had the sandwich in an oven for quite awhile it was still cold in the center.  I have eaten cold food before.  I worked outside for thirty-four years.  The homemade lunches I took to work were mostly eaten cold.  I had no way of heating them.  I continued eating the, cold in the center, egg sandwich.

The sandwich was better than I expected.  Let me try and read the label to you -Free range scrambled egg, some kind of tasty (foreign sounding) cheese, red pepper, tomato and some kind of sauce,  possibly bechamel on a grilled ciabatta roll.  It was good.  

It was time for photographs.  I arranged the half eaten sandwich with its wrapper and the coffee cup on the table for a photograph.  A portion of the blue bag holding my CPAP can be seen on the right.

I also grabbed a photograph of the service bar and two attendants.  The near attendant pushed the stainless steel cart through the aisles and completed his trip in the food service area, securing the cart against the wall.

I arrived at King's Cross, took the Underground to the Overground to Hackney Wick station and then walked past the spot where my wife fell, to my daughter's apartment.  It was Monday morning and my daughter and her husband were back to work.  It was just us visitors, home alone, together.

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